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Kids' Bathrooms - The Do's and Don'ts

If you are lucky enough to have enough space in your home that you can have a kids' bathroom then you're on to a winner. Having dedicated 'adult' and 'children' bathrooms really can make life a whole lot easier; it is also the perfect opportunity to have a little bit of fun with the design. Here's a few things to think about along the way. 

Theme: By all means choose a theme, but don't go overboard. If you have chosen a nautical theme you don't have to buy absolutely everything relating to the sea. You want the bathroom to be practical, not messy. Have fun with the theme, just not too much.

Double upon shower curtains: Hanging two shower curtains on the same rod means that you can perfectly hide that ever-growing pile of bath toys that is taking over the tub. There are plenty of shower curtains designed with children in mind. 

Make it family project: You are designing a room specifically for your children so get them involved from the start. Ask them for ideas about a theme and use some of their artwork in the space too. You might want to ask them to decorate tiles with non-washable paint which you can then use to create a splashback. Or maybe they can help paint a wall - stripes, spots or 'freestyle' design.

Be practical: If you are planning to stay living in your house for a number of years and are hoping to have a large brood, then you might want to invest in kid-friendly bathroom features. However, be aware that when you do come to sell your home this will have an impact on the re-sale value.

Stay safe: Make sure to invest in child safety products to use in the bathroom - especially when your children are younger. Non-slip mats for the bathtub, tap covers and cabinets to keep medicines and cleaning products out of reach can give you peace of mind in relation to the bathroom. 

Be prepared for change: We all change our minds from time to time - and kids do so on an alarmingly frequent basis. Don't redesign the bathroom thinking it will last forever; instead, focus on the decor that can be changed easily down the line. 

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