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Contemporary Freestanding Baths

Redesigning your bathroom is an exciting prospect, and means you have the perfect opportunity to overhaul its existing appearance. You can choose to completely change the shape of the room itself if you opt for an extensive remodel, or just change up a few items to give a fresh feel. Whatever your aim for your new bathroom, you’ll still be in need of a beautiful focal point to draw the eye into the room. For this purpose, contemporary freestanding baths are ideal, presenting a modern twist on a regular freestanding bath, and one that combines comfortable luxury with an enviable contemporary appeal. To help direct your search for the perfect contemporary freestanding bath, we’re taking a look at the different styles and options on offer to help guide your way.

Types of contemporary freestanding baths

There’s a wealth of different options when searching for contemporary freestanding baths, each with a unique style and feel. Now the staple of the chic boutique hotel, whatever contemporary freestanding bath you opt for, each one is bound to transform your bathroom into a sleek and elegant haven.

Double ended baths are large and spacious freestanding baths with the option for two people to sit in them, one at either end, as there are slopes at both ends and the taps are located in the middle of the bath. These are the ideal choice for those who wish to make a strong statement, as this style comes in a range of different shapes, including rectangular, curved and uniquely shaped versions to suit your taste. If, however, you have a smaller bathroom space, then a single ended contemporary freestanding bath will be your best option as these tend to be shorter and having the single slope provides more leg room inside the bath.

The Clearwater Nebbia Freestanding Bath
The Clearwater Nebbia Freestanding Bath

The Clearwater Nebbia Freestanding Bath

A further option is to opt for a slipper bath, which features either one or two sloped ends. These are usually quite compact, as the extended backrest(s) allow you to sit in a more upright bathing position taking up less floor space and therefore they are another space-saving option if your bathroom is limited in size. Slipper and bateau baths are generally deeper than standard which means you have the opportunity to enjoy a deep, relaxing soak each time you bathe. These types of bath also feature in traditional freestanding bath ranges, though the ones classed as contemporary are usually simpler in design.

Considerations for contemporary freestanding baths

It’s important to consider every aspect of a new product for your home before you choose to buy it and freestanding baths are not exempt from this. There are a few considerations when buying a bath of this style, with the first one being its weight. A bath can weigh quite a lot once it is full of water and someone’s body weight, which is why checking that your home has the structural integrity to support such a strain is a wise thing to do before settling on your new bath. Weight is especially a consideration if you opt for a stone, solid surface or cast iron bath, so ensure you check the maximum weight your bathroom floor can take before investing.

A further consideration is to think about the issue of the plumbing and waste system of your new bath. If you’ve made the decision to remodel your entire bathroom, you can take steps to ensure the new plumbing system reflects the needs of a freestanding bath. If, however, you’ve decided to simply replace your old bath with a freestanding option, you’ll need to give some more thought to the entire project. You will have to alter the waste fittings to suit your new bath, as a freestanding bath installation has the waste fittings visible and usually in a polished metallic finish. In addition, with a freestanding bath some of the plumbing, which with a regular bath would be above floor level but hidden by the bath panel, needs to be fitted below the floor to keep it out of sight.

The Clearwater Vicenza Freestanding Bath
The  Clearwater Vicenza Freestanding Bath

The Clearwater Vicenza Freestanding Bath

Contemporary freestanding baths and style

A contemporary freestanding bath can reshape your bathroom entirely, transforming it from a solely functional space to a haven of relaxation and a room you can’t wait to retreat to. These types of baths are simple in design, making a stylish statement with minimal fuss. They create the perfect base upon which you can then build the ideal bathroom style, suited to your individual tastes.

If you would like more information on the contemporary freestanding baths we have available, as well as the various accessories we can fit alongside them, then please feel free to contact us by email, live chat or on 03300 882803. Otherwise, navigating these pages will provide you with further information about freestanding baths and the processes towards fitting them in your home.