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Bathroom Renovation DIY Tips

When it comes down to bathroom refurbishment or minor renovations, there are a gazillion ways to freshen up where you bath. But when it comes down to budgeting, both homeowners and tenants have to strictly plan and organize each and all handyman task in order to achieve the best combination of renovation and cost!

What clever tips are there to renovate your bathroom DIY on a budget?

As a handyman experienced in refurbishment, my personal top 4 suggestions for affordable and handy choices for bathroom renovation on a budget are:

1. Bathroom Lighting Fixture Improvements

2. Handy Tips on Renovating Bathroom Walls

3. Improve Your Bathroom Atmosphere.

4. Bathroom Cabinets, Shelving and Storage Ideas

5. Improvement of Lighting Fixtures and the Interior Atmosphere

If you're on the hunt for an easy, yet amazing and highly effective way to improve your bathroom, as an experienced repairman I would highly recommend you start your refurbishment efforts with lighting fixtures and light usage in general.

Fluorescent, LED and halogen bulb replacement can literally transform the way your bathroom feels and looks. Depending on type and technology, an extra bulb could cost you between £1.45 and £3.99, while new bathroom lighting starts from £26.40. A great idea to renovate is to add colour to your lighting sconces or simply colour the bulbs yourself. Green, red, yellow, blue and violet - each nuance has its own way of affecting our bathroom mood:

● Green coloured bathroom lighting is said to restore our inner balance, optimism, confidence, as well as emotional strength, friendliness and even creativity!

● Red is associated with physical stimulation, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, 'fight or flight', stimulation and excitement.

● The right shade of yellow is said to lift our spirits and self-esteem, while being the colour of confidence and optimism.

● Lighting fixtures in Violet would affect our spiritual awareness, vision, authenticity and inner truth.

● A bathroom in Blue is said to boost intellectual efficiency. A blue lighting sconce or bulb will boost intelligence, communication skills, trust, serenity and even logic.

2. Handy Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom Walls

Fixtures are an awesome choice for interior improvements. In addition to the main and most common approaches such as showers, tubs, basins, taps, new toilets and bidets, minor changes in details can really bring significant difference. You can renovate or fully refurbish your bathroom by using units like mirrors, shower doors, curtains, door handles and cabinet doors. Add the proper decor items and you will have a brand new looking stylish bathroom without expensive buys.

● Wallpapers and sparkly tiles could do a great job for any bathroom renovation. Achieve a jewel-box feel, or depending on the overall refurbishment colour scheme - a cooler glam effect. These Stardust tiles starting from £85.90 per box are great for inspiration.

● Adding a metal touch is another great way to influence your bathroom's atmosphere. Gold is quite daring, but it has been in style for quite a while. The warm feeling of brass and copper is coming back in a big way as well. Check out this great collection of gold and copper bathroom tiles starting from £8.27 per tile.

● Install a big dramatic mirror. The ratio price / effect here is great. A wide bathroom mirror is a great way to renovate your bath on a budget. I would recommend bathroom mirrors now on sale for £99.

● Improvise with tiles. Painting tiles can work wonders. Write down a catchy crossword or introduce the colours of rainbow. An inspiring quote or simply gather words that will motivate and boost your positive attitude.

● Enhance bathroom accessories. A robe hook will cost you anywhere from £14 to £45 for nickel and gold plated. Toilet paper holders vary from £6 to £65 for a WC caddy with extra storage for paper rolls, magazines and newspapers. A new soap dish is as cheap as £2 and towel rails start from £4 and beyond.

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3. Improving How Bathroom Floors Affect the Atmosphere

Bathroom rugs, showers and pedestal mats can literally change the way your whole interior feels, while renovation costs still stay within a budget. A bathroom slip mat is often necessary and can bring in a piece of eye candy. Experiment with fabrics and colours, take a look at the Chenille Stripe Bath Mat for about £14, while rugs could be as cheap as £5! Among my personal favourites is using wooden bath panels, but bare in mind that wood needs to be well painted or varnished to withstand water in the long term.

4. Bathroom Cabinets, Shelving and Extra Storage

Adding extra storage is an amazing way to improve your bathroom.


● Movable plastic storage boxes on wheels are both awesome and handy to use, easy to re-purpose and relocate however and whenever you want to.

Plastic drawer tower units start from as low as £13.49.

● Why not install easy to assemble flatpack cabinets? They come packed, ready-to-assemble and only require assemblage and basic wall mounting.

You can get a simple and stylish mirrored cabinet for just £19.90.

● Choose among the various shelving solutions, which are easy to mount and extremely budget friendly. A power drill along with a handful of screws can transform a wooden plank into your new bathroom shelf in a matter of minutes.

For a more minimalist look opt for a glass shelf starting from £31.43.

When it comes down to bathroom renovation DIY these are the handful of DIY handyman tips I have to share for your handy and budget friendly bathroom refurbishment.

Dmitri Kara is a handyman specializing in bathroom refurbishment.