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How To Display Art In Your Bathroom

Sometimes your bathroom can start to feel bland, tired and uninspiring. It should be a place where you can relax and have some ‘me time’ as well as getting clean. But have you ever thought about hanging art on the walls? We explored the best ways to display art in your bathroom and the ‘dos and don’ts’ of bathroom artwork.


Your artwork should reflect the overall style of your bathroom, otherwise it will look misplaced and random. You should have an overall theme in mind for the room. As a rule of thumb, you should treat your bathroom as you would any other room and go with your instincts. Don’t choose a huge picture that will overpower the room as your bathroom is meant to be a relaxing space.

Black and white bathrooms look great with silhouette pictures for a boutique hotel vibe. This would be a great idea for an en suite as it’s classy and sophisticated. Nautical themes are also very popular and are great for shared bathrooms, with boats, shells and seascapes giving a tranquil feel that everyone will like. For something more fun, frame some bright prints or your favourite film posters and hang them in a row. These can be easily changed which will give your bathroom a fresh feel every few months.

If you want your bathroom to be bang on trend this year, think about botanical themed prints. Co-founder of luxury interior brand House of Hackney Frieda Gormley says ‘There is a definite trend coming through in design where people are looking to connect more with nature, so we’re seeing this real trend in indoor plants and foliage-based prints’. Incorporate a plant into your bathroom and hang a leafy print on the wall for an instant bathroom update.

decorated bathroom


When deciding to add art into your bathroom décor, location is key. It’s also important to consider how much light gets into the room as adding artwork could end up making the room look even darker or, if done correctly, could make it look bigger and brighter. For smaller bathrooms, try making a gallery wall with small pictures clustered together. To make the room look even bigger, try doing the same thing but with small mirrors instead. This will bounce light around the room and give the illusion of a bigger space.

If you have a bigger bathroom, you can afford to hang a larger picture. To make your bath the focal point, hang a large picture above it to draw your eye to that area of the room. Choose a relaxing image, nothing too harsh or bold as this will create the wrong atmosphere and can spoil the look of the bathroom. Floral motifs and figure drawings are timeless and give a classic, elegant aesthetic.

bathroom containing art


When choosing art for your bathroom, it’s important to remember that the room will get hot and damp and the humidity can spoil the artwork. Choose pieces that are inexpensive and don’t have a sentimental value, as these can be replaced easily. Natural fabrics like canvas are able to breathe and should dry out providing the room is well ventilated. To protect the artwork, you can also buy acrylic spray to seal it and ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Another option is to have art in frames. The glass is waterproof, however if there is a gap between the picture and the glass, there could be a build-up of condensation which could turn to mould if not properly ventilated. Experts at Under The Roof Decorating advise ‘Safety is key when hanging a piece with glass in the bathroom. Be sure it’s fastened securely to avoid an accident. Alternatively, replace the glass in the frame with plexiglass which is more impact resistant’.

pictures on a bathroom wall with yellow frames