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Freestanding Baths For Small Bathrooms

Just because you may have a smaller home doesn’t necessarily mean you should have to go without the features you would like to have installed. This applies for every room in the home, and especially the bathroom, with a broad range of space saving and multi-functional installations available to make the most of the space you have. If you have your heart set on a freestanding bath but your bathroom is on the small side, then we’re here to prove there are a range of freestanding baths for small bathrooms that won’t just fit, but also look great.

Fitting small bathrooms

Admittedly the freestanding bath was made for larger spaces, as this style of bath fitting can completely stand alone in the middle of a large bathroom, commanding attention as a great focal point. However, a freestanding bath presents an elegant feel to any bathroom, and with the right considerations, doesn’t have to be surrounded by acres of space to look suitable.

When investing in a freestanding bath for a small bathroom, one of the first considerations you must make will be for the size of the new bath and the space you have for it. Making sure to take accurate measurements before beginning your search is key when getting a new bath for your home. Once you have your measurements, you’ll know what dimensions are ideal for your installation, at which point you can begin to find freestanding bath options that are available to you.

Image of freestanding bath small bathroom

Freestanding baths for small bathrooms

There is a range of different freestanding bath options available on the market, in both traditional and contemporary styles. Some of these will typically be larger to best achieve a desired style, though, luckily, a few freestanding baths have been purposefully designed to save on space without compromising on the desired effect.

A good option for those bathrooms limited on possible space for a freestanding bath is to invest in a slipper bath. These freestanding bath styles are generally deeper and have one end much higher than the others with a more vertical, more supportive incline, which means the baths can be shorter in length. What this means is that the bath is still comfortable and still has the potential to hold just as much water as a bath longer in length, making them the ideal freestanding baths for small bathrooms.

Slipper baths

At Soakology, we have a range of different slipper baths available to suit all tastes. If you would like to achieve a more traditional look in your bathroom, we have options that are bound to fit the bill perfectly. Our Henley slipper bath is a double skinned acrylic bath and comes with gently sloping sides and chrome aluminium feet for that authentic vintage feel. If you’d prefer a bath that fits flush to the bathroom floor, then our Ascot double ended slipper bath is another fantastic choice. This model comes with a co-ordinating plinth upon which the bath itself rests. Its double-ended slipper style means there are two sides in which you can comfortably rest, or perhaps even fit two bathers.

Image of double ended freestanding baths for small bathrooms

For those wanting a more contemporary appeal to their bathroom, opting for one of our freestanding baths that come in a sleek, modern design is the perfect way to achieve this. Baths with clean, minimalist shapes, and fittings such as the freestanding baths we have on offer, will help to transform your bathroom into a relaxing environment.


Small bathrooms with limited space

If you’re incredibly limited on space, you should be opting for a freestanding bath in a single-sided slipper design. A single sided freestanding bath takes up a lot less space than a double-sided version, and the exaggerated height on one end of your new bath makes for an eye-catching centrepiece.

To make your bath even more eye-catching, you could opt for one of our options that come with a coloured finish, such as the Imperial Ritz Slipper Freestanding Bath, available in an attractive olive colour. For something special our Imperial Radison Cast Iron Bath or one of our back to wall baths will suit your bathroom perfectly.

For more information on what freestanding baths for small bathrooms we have in store, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this by calling us on 03300 882803 to talk to one of our experienced members of staff, who can help give you the information you need.

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