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How To Make Ridiculously Big Bubbles In Your Bath

After a long hard day, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing bath to improve your mood and ready you for tomorrow’s hurdles. A blissful bath time can only be improved with candles, quality reading material and of course, plenty of bubbles. When it comes to bath bubbles, it seems the bigger the better. With scientific studies confirming that bubble baths can retain heat longer than a bubble-less bath. But how do you go about making big bubbles in your bath? We see if there are any tips or tricks, including how to make your own DIY bubble bath.

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The science behind bubble bath

Bubble bath contains foaming surfactants. These are compounds that lower the surface tension between two liquids. What this basically means is that when the bubble bath meets the water and is hit by the force of more water filling the tub, bubbles are formed. says ‘A bubble is born when two layers of soap molecules trap a layer of water molecules between them, creating a molecular sandwich.’


How to create big bubbles

With this in mind, it seems that the more movement, or splashing, the more bubbles. To create an optimum amount of bubbles, it’s advised to wait until there are a couple inches of water in the tub before adding your chosen bubble bath. When pouring in your bubble bath, add it slowly and right underneath the running water. The stronger the water pressure, the more bubbles you’ll get.

To increase the suds, rapidly run your fingers through the liquid underneath the tap and if need be, add more bubble bath before turning off the tap. If you have a jetted bath tub, you’ll increase your chances of big bubbles, as the bubbles keep growing higher thanks to the power of the jets.

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How to make DIY Bubble Bath

Writing for, Janice Cox author of Natural Beauty at Home, shares tips on making your very own bubble bath. Simply use half a cup of liquid soap best suited to your body. ‘Sore muscles? Add a bit of sea salt or Epsom salts. Dry skin? Add natural oil. Stressed out? Try a calming scent, such as vanilla or lavender.’


Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey depending on your preferences. Sugar can act as a natural exfoliant, whereas honey helps to keep your skin moisturised and soft. After this, add one egg white to the mixture. As bizarre as it sounds, the egg white helps create stronger more durable bubbles, for a relaxing bubble bath.

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Other tips

If you are craving the perfect relaxing bath, other things you can do include dimming the lights, adding a surplus of candles and trying bath salts. Bath salts help to relax your muscles, which is especially useful after a tough work out or long day on your feet. They also help to reduce any inflammation, which will help you wind down before bedtime. On top of that, close your eyes when in the tub, you could even try using cucumber slices over your eye lids for the ultimate in relaxation.

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