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Bathing Habits of the World

Bathing Habits Around the World Large Infographic - Soakology

If you’ve ever wondered what country showers the most and bathes the least, then this infographic has all the information you need to get wised up on the bathing habits of the world. Featuring glimpses into countries all around the globe, with an insight into every continent, the post focuses on everything from washing style to favourite products, from traditional bathing habits to interesting country specific facts.

So delve into the soapy – or not so soapy – suds of this infographic to get to grips with global bathing habits and whether your own habits fit into the country you’re from, or whether they’re actually far more suited to a different country altogether.

Bathing Habits of the World - Transcript

Whether your preference is an invigorating morning sprint in the shower or a sleepy soak in a bath of fragrant bubbles, chances are your bathing preferences are similar to the rest of the people that live in your country. In this infographic we’ve taken a quick peek behind the shower curtain of the world’s bathers to see exactly when and how they go about getting themselves squeaky clean.

Daily Shower Stats – 63% of women and 58% of men shower once a day.

Weekly Bathing Breakdown – On average British citizens have 5 showers and 3 baths a week.

Lovely Bubbly – The Cadogan Hotel in Knightsbridge, London offers a £25000 bath of Dom Perignon champagne.

Bargain Browsers – Brit’s tend to buy bathing products that claim to have moisturising properties and will stockpile certain products that are on a particularly good promotion.

Shower Stats – Speed showers. The average length of time spend showering is 2 to 5 minutes.

Keeping it classic – There is a renewed interest and loyalty in Spain to use products that older generations favoured, such as Moussel shower gel.

Weekly Bathing Breakdown: On average Spanish citizens have 7 showers and 2 baths a week.

Weekly bathing breakdown – On average French citizens have 7 showers and 2 baths a week.

Daily shower stats – 76% of women and 71% of men shower once a day.

Though statistics show that the French buy a mere 600g of soap per ear, this does not take into account the French habit of buying blocks of cheap kitchen soap to use in the shower.

Daily Shower Stats – 61% of women and 35% of men shower once a day.

Versatility Wins: The multifunctional nature of Avon Products ZAO SPA series cream shower gel is popular in Russia.

1 in 5 Russian citizens have no water supplies in their houses and so shower only once a week.

Daily Shower Stats – 30% of women and 221% of men shower once a day.

Weekly Bathing Breakdown – On average Chinese citizens have 5 showers and 3 baths a week.

Traditional Bathing is Best: In some circles, traditional bathing habits are still carried out. Exfoliating with bath towels after washing. Using public baths. Not showering for a month after giving birth.

Weekly Bathing Breakdown – 7 India has the most weekly baths globally.

In a country where you can’t count on running water, the vast majority of people bathe using a bucket of water and a plastic pitcher to pour the water over head and body.

Natural Remedies: Bathing twice a day is common when it’s hot and hair grooming is particularly important, including oiling the hair with coconut oil.

Firm Favourites: Lifebuoy and Lux, by Hindustan Unilever, are favourite products in the country.

Weekly Bathing Breakdown – On average Japanese citizens have 5 showers and 6 baths a week.

Nature Bathing: Hot springs, or onsen, are highly popular.

Hair Care – Dry shampoo does not exist in Japan and there is a firm belief that you should wash your hair each time you use product.

Anti-bac is best – Antibacterial liquid soap which encourages the growth of good bacteria, such as Lion’s Kirei Kirei, is growing in popularity in line with Japan’s obsession with hygiene.

Weekly Shower Stats: On average men shower 7 times and women 6 times per week.

1 Trillion Gallons of Water: The amount used solely for showering in the United States with showers lasting for an average 13 minutes.

Preferred products - Dove body washes have seen a rise in sales in the last year.

Shower Power – Kevin ‘Cat Fish’ McCarthy set a world record on the 12th April 1985 by completing a 341 hour shower at Buffalo State College.

Weekly bathing breakdown – On average Mexican citizens have 8 showers and 3 baths a week.

Daily Shower Stats – 90% of women and 88% of men shower once a day.

Hair care: Mexicans and Japanese people come closest to fully sanitizing their hair each time they wash.

Favourite products – Dove and St Ives are popular makes in Mexico.

Weekly Shower Stats – On average Brazilian citizens shower 12x per week.

Shower Etiquette: It is not uncommon for Brazilians to shower 5x per day. It’s also common etiquette to offer guests regular showers.

Brushing is best: Almost everyone in Brazil brings a toothbrush and a toothpaste with them everywhere they go and they brush their teeth at work after lunch.

Weekly Shower Stats – On average South African citizens shower 7x per week. 2% confess to sharing a shower with somebody else!

Top Brands: The most loved makes in South Africa include Lux, Sun and Lifebuoy.

Shower Stats – On average Australian citizens shower 8x per week.

Average Showering Times in Australia: Women – 7.27 minutes on week days and 8.08 minutes on weekends. Men 6.99 minutes on week days and 7.34 minutes on weekends.

Out with soap: Australians will use shower gels more often than bar soap and exfoliate more often. Colgate-Palmolive is the preferred brand, in all of its product styles.

Keep it cool – Showers will often be cold out of choice, as a refreshing respite from the often tropical heat and outdoor showers often adjoin the beach.