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The 60 Second Shower Playlist

Taking a short shower isn’t the easiest of tasks. With temperatures gradually getting colder outside, retreating to a lengthy hot shower can be the only refuge. However, did you know that the average shower takes around 13 minutes and consequently uses roughly 27 gallons of water each time? This water wastage is terrible for the environment, not to mention your water bill!

For this reason, we have created the Super Speedy 60 Second Shower Challenge Infographic! Which challenges readers to have just a one-minute shower which uses only 2.1 gallons of water and reduces wasted water gallons by 92%!

This infographic takes courageous contestants through a step by step guide of what should have done by each 15 seconds. It also tells you of any technology to help you along, which areas should be your priority zones and other handy ways of reducing water wastage!

To accompany this challenge, we’ve created a playlist of songs under 60 seconds to help you time your speedy shower! The lengths of the songs range from around 20 seconds long to a full minute, depending on how brave you’re feeling! It also features a variety of genres to suit anyone’s tastes. To find the playlist and test your shower skills while saving water, click here.

The following songs which feature on the playlist, in order of length, are:

Pnoom – CAN (0:26)

Her Majesty – The Beatles (0:26)

Fertilizer – Frank Ocean (0:40)

Why Hip-Hop Sucks in ’96 – DJ Shadow (0:44)

Postcards From Far Away – Coldplay (0:48)

Demons Are Real – Guided By Voices (0:49)

Lamb on the Lam (in the city) – Band of Horses (0:51)

College – Animal Collective (0:53)

Change Of Ideas – Bad Religion (0:55)

Dude We’re Finally Landing – Rivers Cuomo (0:56)

Unfolding Fans – Andrew Bird (0:58)

Spirit in Stone Outro – Lifesavas (1:00)

Good luck shower superheroes!