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Five Reasons to Add a Second Bathroom

Unless you’re a modern day Von Trapp family, it probably isn’t strictly necessary for you to add a second bathroom. It’s not so bad getting by with just one, but if you have space for a second then it’s well worth considering the addition to your home.

Here are just five reasons why:

A Greater Degree of Privacy

One of the best things about adding a second bathroom is simply the fact that you won’t need to share with as many other people. This is great if you have children, it lets you relax in your very own space knowing that someone else won’t need to use the room at any moment. You’ll also be able to decorate it exactly the way you want.

Added Emergency Cover  

One toilet, shower, and bath might be working well for you; the problem is that one is only a step away from none. If your toilet gets clogged or your shower stops working, you’ll be stuck in an awkward situation until help can arrive. Having a second bathroom means having always having a back-up in case anything goes wrong.

Easier Day to Day Use

Unless you’re living alone there’s no point in denying that adding a second bathroom will make life more convenient. Certain busy times of the day – such as the rush before work or school – can create queues outside the bathroom very easily, so you’ll either be inside being hurried or outside waiting your turn. A second bathroom goes a long way toward solving that problem.

Accommodates Future Plans

A second bathroom probably sounds particularly appealing to anyone with kids, which is just one more reason why those hoping to grow their family in the future should consider adding one. It’s best to prepare for such things in advance – trust us, the cost and hassle will feel far more manageable when you’re not looking after a few young children.

Adds Resale Value

Those looking for a new home place plenty of value on a second bathroom, so adding one can really help increase the asking price of your property when you come to sell. You might even make your money back if you’re able to put in a new bathroom without taking away a bedroom at the same time.

As far as sayings go, one bathroom is good, but two is better. If you can afford to add a new one to your property then you should strongly consider doing so.