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10 DIY Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom [Infographic]

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear? Are you haunted by the costs of industrial cleaners and their impact on your nails? Then fear not! Because we have put together 10 DIY bathroom cleaning hacks to help you spruce up your bathroom with quick and easy solutions that'll leave your bathroom gleaming. Simply load up on lemons, white vinegar, a pinch of salt and a grapefruit, and you'll be well on your way to becoming a DIY bathroom cleaning expert.

10 DIY Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom

10 DIY Cleaning Hacks For Your Bathroom - Transcript

These simple cleaning hacks will improve your bathroom’s look, creating a cleansed space to help you enjoy your bathroom.

1 – Tea on Bathroom Mirrors
Black tea contains tannic acids that dissolve dirt and grime. Place in a spray bottle and clean your mirrors and windows until they gleam!

2 – Lemons on Chrome Taps
Cut a lemon in half and scrub against any chrome fittings to get a spotless and shiny finish. Make a celebratory lemonade to toast your effort.

3 – Vinegar and Baking Powder on Drains
Pour boiling water down your drain, followed by a half a cup of baking powder and one cup of vinegar. Plug the drain to let the reaction take hold for 5-10 minutes. Remove the plug and run the tap for a minute. Spotless drain achieved.

4 – Vinegar on the Shower Head
A shower head dipped in white vinegar will eliminate any ugly limescale build-up. Try one of these two methods: BOWL IT – Take the head off the hose and leave to soak in a bowl of vinegar. Or BAG IT – Fix a bag of vinegar to the shower hear using a rubber band.

5 – Denture Tablets in the Toilet Cistern
Drop two tablets in the cistern and leave overnight. The result will be a stainless and fresh interior to your toilet’s cistern.

6 – An Air Can can Clean a Fan
When your extractor fan is just too far for vacuum extensions to reach, then why not try a can of air? It’s more than a quick and easy keyboard cleaner: use on your fan, then wipe with a damp cloth, and it’ll look brand new.

7 – Bleach Pen on Grout
Is your grout the wrong colour? Has grime built up and made your tiles look grim? Then get yourself a bleach pen and run it along the grout. Your tiles will look newly laid!

8 – The grapefruit, the salt and the clean tub
Get yourself a grapefruit and some salt, cut the fruit in half and dip in the salt. Scrub all over your bathtub. The result will be a grime-free tub that simply needs a wash down to remove the salt. It’ll smell nice too!

9 – Shower Curtain in the Washing Machine
That’s right, add your usual detergent and a few towels and your shower curtain will come out gleaming! The towels and the warm water will scrub away at tough stains while you sit back and relax, best keep the temperature to 40-degrees max.

10 – Vinegar and Water
This is the miracle combo of any bathroom cleaning DIY expert. Mix in equal parts and use a soft cloth to wipe any area in your bathroom.