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Creating A Family Bathroom With A Freestanding Bath

When it comes to designing a family bathroom the essential ingredient is making sure you have a bath, which can accommodate every member of the family, no matter what age. With one of our freestanding baths, your bath is bound to be the central focus of the room and will help to tie together the look that you’re hoping to achieve. They also come in a wide range of different styles, to perfectly suit the diverse needs of your family. To help you find a way to create the perfect family bathroom, complete with a beautiful freestanding bath, we’re here to look at all the different considerations you need to be making before you settle on bathroom fittings and begin the installation.

The family freestanding bath

If you’ve decided that a freestanding bath would be the perfect fitting for you, then all that is now needed is for you to decide on what you and your family will need from a bath before you settle on the right product. If your children are young and you often bathe them while seated on the floor to the side of the bath, then the height of your freestanding bath will need to reflect this. Measuring a comfortable height for you to be able to reach over the side of the bath is a good way to work out if the bath height will work for every family member.

If you have more than one young child, then getting a double ended bath with a centrally located tap means you can bathe both children comfortably at the same time. It also means both you and your partner have space to relax together, without any taps in an awkward position getting in the way.

freestanding bath

The Ramsden & Mosley Arran Freestanding Bath

For a very tall family leg room is a critical factor and a single ended bath will provide more of this. Where one member of the family is shorter and one taller, a slipper bath may be a good choice as this will allow for a comfortable soak for a taller person with the back rest being high and the bath being deeper. However, for the shorter family member, the bath can be partially filled and there is less risk of constant slipping down into the bath, as the leg length is generally shorter in these types of tubs.

Storage options

In an ideal world, there would be a bathroom for the adults and a bathroom for the children, and perhaps even a wet room solely for the family dog and for hosing down muddy family members and their boots. However, most of us must make do with one bathroom for everyone, which can make storage an issue.

Each family member will have their potions and lotions, with children’s bath toys, special toilet fittings, stools, medicines and various gadgets and gizmos taking up their fair share of space, too. Add piles of towels, bathmats and robes into the mix, and suddenly your bathroom is bursting at the seams with stuff that needs a place to be tidied away.

Image of family bathroom storage

The Bathroom Origins Space II Cabinet

When planning a family bathroom storage should be the primary concern. Make sure you consider storage in your planning, with enough room for everyone’s bits and bobs. It is worth considering concealed storage options for example recesses hidden behind mirrors, cupboards built into a bath surround and niches in the wall inside the showering area for all the shampoos, conditioners and gels the family use. Have a designated bathroom storage cupboard for things that children should not get hold of, such as cleaning products and medicines and make it either high out of reach or lockable.


When it comes to the younger people of your household, making sure that all the bathroom fittings are usable is a concern. Toilets and sinks should be high enough for adults to use, but this means smaller children can’t use them without an adult to lift them up. You can, however, solve this problem by having small stools that match your bathroom style, or even by integrating a small step to the front of the sink; perfect for little feet to rest on. There are also some basins and toilets that can be adjusted in height each time before use.

As well as this, you should make sure you install bathroom fittings that are easy to use for everyone. More traditional cross head taps with old washer style cartridges might not be as simple for younger or older people to use as you may think, especially if someone accidentally tightens them too much when switching them off. Instead, consider fitting contemporary taps with ceramic disc technology that need only a small motion to turn them on or off. You can even get traditional style taps which have modern quarter turn cartridges. Lever handles are also an option for total ease of use. Fitting a thermostatic temperature control to your shower will also mean your little ones don’t run the risk of getting scalded and means you can relax when they decide they’d prefer to play in the shower with you.

Family bathroom design

When designing a family bathroom, it can be easy to forget that the bathroom is also meant for adults too. Your bathroom should function in a way that reflects the demands of every member of your family as best you can, but it should also be a place where you can relax after a long day. Don’t be shy with the design of your bathroom, and make sure it’s just as beautiful as it is functional.

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