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Slipper Baths

A freestanding bath can help you to make the ultimate in bathroom style statements, combining luxury with excellent design. Their stylish nature means they create the perfect focal point, and can help to tie together the look that you want to achieve in your bathroom. However, many freestanding baths can take up a lot of space, as they are traditionally meant to be large enough to luxuriate in. If you have a smaller bathroom, you may be wondering whether a freestanding bath is the right option for you. In these circumstances a slipper freestanding bath is the ideal option.

Freestanding slipper baths are the ideal solution for hopeful freestanding bath owners who don't have much bathroom space to spare. The style of these fittings means they're much shorter than other freestanding bath styles, as their high sloped end means you sit more upright in the bath and they are generally made deeper than standard so that your body is more fully covered with water. The singular curved end means you also have a comfortable back support while in the bath, providing the ultimate in indulgent bathroom relaxation. However, if you have a little more floor space, there are larger slipper baths available, also known as boat or bateau baths, and our double ended freestanding slipper baths may be the right choice for you. These types of bath product have a centrally located tap ledge or no tap ledge at all and are much larger in size, meaning you have the option to share your bath and to do so comfortably.  At Soakology we have a range of different slipper freestanding baths designed to suit your bathroom style. Ranging from traditional with cast iron clawed feet, to contemporary models in elegant, seamless shapes, we're bound to have a bath that's perfect for you. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with bathroom appliances at the pinnacle of innovative design, meaning our selections are high quality and built to last. 


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