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Make Your Bathroom Safe for Children

Bathrooms which are going to be regularly visited by young children need to be slightly adjusted to make sure that they are both accessible and safe for use. Bathroom renovations can be quite costly – never something welcomed by parents – but there are plenty of easy ways to make yours child-friendly, and they won’t break the bank.

Keep the basin and toilet easy to access

The first thing you’ll need is a small stool or child-sized step ladder to make sure that the toilet and basin are both fully accessible. This can be picked up easily, and moved out of the way in a flash when you have company, or when the child is at school.

Keep the toilet easy to use

Your child is now able to reach the toilet, but they also need to be comfortable sitting on it. Traditional children’s toilet seats are quite bulky, and need to be taken on and off for each use. Luckily, there are now small toilet seats available that clip onto the existing one, and fold up like normal when the child is finished.

Keep the temperature down

Access to piping hot water is a blessing, but it can cause harm to children who haven’t properly learnt how to use taps. A simple mistake could result in a scalding temperature, so make sure you either adjust your water heater/ boiler or install a thermostatic tap to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Keep things out of reach

Bathrooms are stuffed with things that might endanger children, but most of it can be tucked out of the way on shelves which are out of reach. This should include any cleaning products, razors, or medication. However, you might also want to keep certain items you don’t feel like explaining up there too. If you don’t have a high space available, consider moving these objects, or install a small vanity cabinet - some even have a lock.

Keeping your bathroom safe and accessible for young child might seem like hard work, but in reality all it takes is a few simple adjustments.  


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