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Tips For Designing A Small Bathroom

When you are faced with a small space, planning and design become all the more important. The average bathroom in the UK gives you roughly three square metres of floor space to play with, so it is essential you make the most of it.

Light up

Good lighting is a priority in a small bathroom. Ideally, the room will have large windows and a skylight. More likely it has small windows or no windows at all. Use frosted glass panes rather than curtains or blinds for privacy, and halogen spotlights mimicking natural light will create a nicer environment than a central light fitting. Some LED mood lights will give that extra wow factor and can create the illusion of more space if placed correctly.

Storage solutions

Maximise your space with built-in storage rather than free-standing items. The cost is greater, but deep drawers and cupboards will hide a mountain of clutter. Shelves built into the wall cavity will also help or try using Shelves that freestand or lean against a wall rather than being fixed so they can be moved if needed. These can provide precious storage space.

Focal point

Whether it’s a mirror, elaborate taps or bold décor, making a statement in your bathroom will give it character. You could also implement interior design tricks – a mirrored wall to help magnify the space or mirrored splashbacks.

Reduce the size

Baths, basins and showers come in all shapes and sizes, but when you are kitting out a compact space then smaller can be better. Choose from a range of shorter baths from 1000 mm to 1600 mm (which are often deeper than normal so you can still enjoy a good soak). If there is room you should always try to squeeze in a bath and shower as it will add value when you come to sell.

Create a wetroom

If you have a very small room, a wetroom may be your best bet. With a single floor area and the shower tray hidden under the floor, a wetroom can transform even the smallest of spaces into a fully-functioning bathroom.

In all it is best to make the most of the space that your bathroom has to offer and remember that you do not need to fill every bit of available space, sometimes less is more.


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