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Budget Bathroom Upgrade Tips

There are many good reasons to remodel and update your bathroom.  This room gets a lot of use and even small improvements can add to the feel of the room. Its also worth noting that remodelling and updating the bath adds more to the value of your home than upgrades in almost any other area.

Complete remodels can be expensive, but with a little time and creativity, you can make some nice updates and stay on budget.

Look for creative ways to use tiles

One of the easiest ways to vamp up coloured floor tiles is to add a mosaics in between in your floor. This simple do-it-yourself project takes very little time and is very inexpensive.  Simply pull out some of the existing tile squares and replace with complimentary coloured mosaics. This works especially well if your original tiles are light coloured. You will need to use grout in the same colour as your original grout though.

If you are re-tiling an entire wall, use expensive tiles strategically.  Intersperse tiles of different finishes and colours to break up and accent tile shower enclosures. You can also use patterned or coloured tiles for borders for tile or bead board walls. These higher quality tiles will become the focus point and will give the room a far more expensive look and feel without breaking your budget.

Heated towel rails

Nothing feels better than a nice warm towel waiting when you step out of the bath or shower. Heated towel rails are a small luxury that is inexpensive and easy to install. You can get hard wired electrical options or central heating models to replace an existing radiator and some come with a programmable timer, which keeps the already reasonable operating costs low.

Wall mirrors and cabinets

A new wall hung illuminated mirror, regular mirror or cabinet works well to spruce up a bathroom. They mirrored surfaces create the feeling of more space and if you already have an older style over mirror light the power is available for a more modern integrated illuminated option. We have an excellent range of very inexpensive options to choose from!

Bath panels

A replacement bath panel or a tiled panel (if you have a couple of boxes of leftover floor tiles) is a really great and inexpensive way to breath new life into the bathroom. Wooden, plastic and MDF panels all wear over time and replacing them is generally easy.

Install man made stone countertops

Man made stone resin is less expensive than granite and other natural stone countertop materials and replacing tired laminated worktops for this material can be an inexpensive way to lift the whole room.  While you can easily cut it yourself with common wood working tools, stone resin is amazingly durable.  Unlike other natural stone, stone resin is nonporous and won’t stain and in addition stone resin stands up incredibly well to many cleaners common in bathrooms.


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