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A collection of stylish products for your bathroom. Radiators and heating solutions to warm the coldest of British homes from leading manufacturers including Arcade, Burlington, Thermonet and Reina. Ranges include traditional and contemporary designs, underfloor and both wall hung and floor standing radiators and rails. Top quality cheap heated rails for every taste and budget UK wide...

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Bathroom heating at Soakology

Bathrooms are the ultimate place in the home to relax and feel comfortable, and one of the most important aspects of comfort is warmth. Our aim at Soakology is to help you make sure that your bathroom is as cosy and warm as possible with our comprehensive range of heating products for the bathroom. From classic radiator designs to high-tech underfloor systems, we have every accessory that you will need to make stepping out of the bath or shower a pleasure, even in the middle of our British winter.

Heating options for your home

There are a wide range of options available when it comes to keeping your bathroom warm. One of the most popular choices is a 'ladder' rail. These functional and impressive items not only provide warmth for your bathroom, but at the same time they keep your towels dry and toasty. And lets face it, who doesn't like a nice cosy warm towel to wrap around themselves after a bath or shower? You can always select from our designer or traditional ranges of radiator. These desirable pieces add a superb look to your bathroom whilst providing vital warmth and if you are looking for additional luxury, we stock a wide range of underfloor systems, to keep your bathroom tiles warm underfoot. All of our products at Soakology come with our guarantee of quality craftsmanship and durability. With a wide range to suit all styles, designs and budgets you're bound to find just the thing to suit your home. Just think how comfortable you'll feel in your spectacular, warm bathroom from Soakology on a cold winter morning!


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