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8 Tricks to Improve a Bathroom Without Any Windows

As the room which is likely to need the most ventilation, a bathroom without windows can be difficult and it’s easy to feel stuffy or closed in. However, do not fret as this is easily treatable. To inject a little sunshine into your bathroom, these nifty design tricks can help you recreate a breezy bathroom in no time.


First and foremost, it’s necessary to declutter your bathroom as having too many products or accessories can easily weigh a room down. Throw out old or unused items and attempt using baskets or boxes to collect products that would otherwise be sprawled all over the countertops.

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Use Mirrors

Mirrors help to cleverly expand the available space in your bathroom, or at least create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. The nearer the ground the mirrors are, the better, because they make the floor appear lengthened.

Image of a bathroom using mirrors to enhance light

Be Strategic with Lighting

Without the natural light seeping through the windows, the only light source in your bathroom is vertical light coming from the ceiling. So to create the illusion of sunlight, try using lights at different levels, for example having light fixtures either side of your mirror near eye level will echo natural light.

Choose a Light Colour

Opting for a pale and neutral colour will work wonders in your windowless bathroom. The paler the colour, the lighter your room appears. For example, painting the walls white is a successful way of reflecting light throughout your bathroom. But if you want to avoid the clinical feel which can sometimes come across with white, a pale duck egg blue is a good substitute.

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Try a Glass Shower Door

Opting for a glass shower door instead of a curtain is also a clever way to make the room appear more open. Although this may have a hefty installation process, it will definitely be worth it when your bathroom appears significantly lighter.

Image of bathroom with more light and less clutter

Invest in Reliable Ventilation

To avoid a stuffy feeling in your bathroom, it’s important to invest in a good bathroom extractor fan that can help reduce humidity levels and keep your bathroom as clear as possible. This will also help the mirrors avoid getting overly steamy so the bathroom can appear larger at all times.

Try Transparent Accessories

Adding transparent, or white, accessories are a great way of adding interest to your bathroom without absorbing light. Transparent items will also appear to take up less space than opaque items, just remember to accessorise minimally and not to over clutter.

Add a plant

Adding a plant or two to your windowless bathroom is a great way of bringing in an outdoorsy feel. Although they may struggle without a natural light source, the best plants for low light and high humidity are a Philodenron, a Cast Iron plant and a Boston Fern.

Image of bathroom accessories

We hope this advice helps you make the most of your bathroom!

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