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Bathroom Wall Mirrors

The mirror is an essential piece of equipment in a modern bathroom! Never before has there been more choice available for large & small, traditional & contemporary washrooms and shower rooms. Soakology bathroom mirrors are made of top quality components and we have a fabulous offering from Bathroom Origins, Burlington and Arcade ranges as well. Choose from illuminated mirrors and non-illuminated mirrors with different finishes available...

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Selecting a mirror for the bathroom

Many factors will influence your choice of bathroom mirror - we aim to assist you by offering a few points to consider below:

  • Space available - this may be stating the obvious but you can narrow down the huge range by only looking at mirrors that will fit into the space available so this may be a good place to start. Many items can be fitted landscape or portrait so don't rule any out before checking.
  • Do you need lighting built in? - If power is available or can be made available easily then an illuminated mirror with lights built in is a terrific option. You can see yourself more clearly when shaving or applying makeup and in darker rooms the extra light can be essential. If you are unsure check with your electrician however in our experience adding a mirror to an existing circuit is usually straight forward. This also opens up the chance to select a product with a built in shaver socket for charging toothbrushes and operating other electrical items. There are some battery operated options however these are not as bright as the mains powered mirrors.
  • Design - The choice of style isn't just between modern and traditional but also points like rounded or square, plain or stylised, framed, bevelled, wooden or alloy and the list goes on! This will be a very personal selection but you will need to consider other elements and equipment in the bathroom that this feature will need to match.
  • Price and quality - Soakology are proud to offer bathroom mirrors in this category to suit most budgets. We haven't however compromised on quality and we would welcome a comparison of our own brand mirrors against any other brand in the same price range - they are truly excellent value for money! We use: high grade mirror glass, metals and alloys; robust hinges and flexible shelving (where applicable); and British & European quality electrical components.

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