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How to Enjoy a Romantic Valentine’s Day Bath for Two

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, so you’re probably hoping to find a new way of spicing things up with your partner. One of the most sensual experiences you can enjoy together is a deep, steamy bath, but you need to know how to do it right.

Set the mood

Creating the right atmosphere is crucial if you want to properly woo your partner. We suggest starting off with some scented candles, as well as some luxurious bubble bath. Try to veer away from anything fruity, towards more adult choices – such as vanilla.
Next, try enhancing everything with some appropriate music. Obviously you won’t want to bring any music player into the bathroom if it connects to the mains, but portable speakers and a smartphone are perfect. The music itself should be special to you as a couple – try not to go for anything too cheesy or overplayed.  Lower the lights if you can, or just put on the smallest one in the room – it makes things feel even more intimate.

Pick the perfect bath

A modern designer bath is the centrepiece of a luxury bathing experience, perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day. The bath is what will make the evening more special, so you need to find a quality bath that has enough room for two. Our range of slipper baths are perfect for this because they have curves in all of the right places and are deep enough for you both to immerse yourself under the water.

Prolong the pleasure

Make sure you have some soft, freshly-washed towels to hand before you get out. This means you’ll be able to treat yourselves even further by gently drying each other off.
Of course, the night doesn’t have to end there. Continue romancing your partner by having another room set up. A trail of rose petals to the bedroom is always a welcome sight, as is a table spread out ready for a meal together.

Now you know how to create the perfect bath for two, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it.