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Choosing the Right Bathroom Fixtures to Create a Traditional Look

Bathrooms are often crammed with modern conveniences, so it can be hard to give them a traditional appearance. However, if you’re remodelling your bathroom there are certain fixture choices which you can make to provide a perfect slice of period charm.

Add a Freestanding Bath

When indoor plumbing was scarce, people simply weren’t able to have built-in baths. You might not be able to source an old-fashioned tin one, but all freestanding models retain an elegant air which is highly reminiscent of times gone by. Position yours as close to the centre of the room as possible, and try to find one with gently sloping sides. Our selection of freestanding tubs are well worth a browse: Freestanding Baths

Go for a Pedestal Sink

Like freestanding baths, pedestal sinks hearken back to the days before indoor plumbing was so widespread, so installing one in your bathroom is an obvious choice for anyone seeking to foster a vintage feel. Curvier, more ornate designs should be sought out for a Victorian appearance. Luckily, the recent resurgence in character properties and traditional design has made these easier to find than ever.

Choose a Toilet with an Overhead Cistern

Early toilets didn’t have a built-in tank, but rather used a cistern which was mounted to the wall above. You can either choose to install a high level or low level version. The first will see the cistern positioned far above your head, with a long chain used for flushing, while the second will be mounted just above the toilet and use a standard handle. For a truly traditional look, go with the high level version, but keep in mind that they’re typically harder to repair if something goes wrong.

Select the Right Accessories

As well as concentrating on the fixtures themselves, make sure that the smaller touches of each one fits with your theme. For example, try to ensure that taps and plugs are traditional. Instead of a level action plug, use a normal chain mounted one; instead of smaller, minimal taps, pick ones which are flowing and ornate. You should also opt for metals such as copper, iron, nickel, and bronze instead of anything too modern and shiny, like chrome.

All of these fixtures are available from well stocked suppliers, so you won’t even need to trawl antiques shops to fit out your perfect vintage bathroom.