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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

Smaller bathrooms are, in many ways, a lot easier to remodel than larger ones. After all, having to fill less space means having to spend less money, and usually means the job will be done quickly. However, these advantages are balanced out by the fact that you’ll have to work harder to ensure that everything fits without making the room feel too claustrophobic.

Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you’re remodelling a smaller bathroom.

Eliminate Wasted Space

When you’re choosing fixtures for a small bathroom, the first thing you need to do is consider which ones will waste the least amount of floor space.

For example, a wall mounted basin or wall hung vanity unit and sink is far more advantageous than one with a large, bulky floor mounted cabinet beneath it. The room under these basins serves to visually open up your space. Similarly, consider buying a freestanding bath showing off more of the floor space instead of a bath panelled model.

Simple Design with Striking Accents

Lighter colours tend to make a room feel more expansive and airy, so you should definitely pick a subtle shade to paint your bathroom walls with. Continue that simple style across the whole room by choosing accessories which are minimalistic and modern.

Of course, you want things simple, but not boring. However, instead of cluttering up the bathroom with too much decoration, try employing just one or two striking design choices to help make the room pop. A vase of colourful flowers makes a popular choice.  

Open, Mirrored or Recessed Storage

Deep closed off cabinets and vanities don’t only make a room look smaller and more confined, they also make it harder to organise all of your bathroom products and appliances. Instead of using these traditional storage solutions, embrace open shelving.

Shelves can be fixed anywhere along your walls (or recessed into them), meaning you’ll be able to decide just how many are needed to hold all of your stuff. In addition, recessed mirrored cabinets take up no space in the room and the mirror provides the feeling of greater space than there actually is. Even if you have accessories you would rather hide there are a multitude of slimline mirrored cabinets that will serve your needs without reducing the actual (or perceived) space in the room.

Despite the challenges, a small bathroom can feel much larger and more organised than you would expect. You just need to know how to make the most of that space.