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Maximise the Space in a Cloakroom Toilet

Making a cloakroom larger can add value to your property, but there’s often no available space to extend into. If this is the case for yours, just use these design tips to make the room feel larger without extending a single wall.

Extend the Counter
Storage space is at a premium in cloakrooms, but you’ll want to keep shelves to a minimum in order to ensure the room doesn’t appear too cluttered or hard to navigate. Try utilising the space above the toilet itself. This is usually left empty, but if your basin is right next to the toilet than it makes sense to extend the counter above it, forming a small shelf. This doesn’t just provide a place for your bits and bobs, it’s also a fun design feature.

Go Bigger With Your Mirror
Everyone knows that mirrors make a room appear larger, and a cloakroom toilet is one of the best places to make that happen. These rooms typically need large mirrors anyway, but there’s no reason not to go even bigger than normal. Generally, you’ll get the greatest result by having the mirror extend as close to the floor as possible.

Match the Walls and Ceiling
Painting the walls the same colour as the ceiling can look a little odd in larger rooms, but it’s a good idea when it comes to cloakrooms, especially if the ceiling is angled. Unifying the colour of floor and ceiling will make them seem to flow together, instead of creating an obvious meeting point. This produces a cleaner, more open appearance. If you still want a two-tone effect, try simply using a lighter shade for the ceiling.

Let in the Light
Natural light always makes a room feel open, while a lack of it makes it feel confined. You might not be able to control this, with many cloakroom toilets positioned at the centre of a house. However, make sure you do make the most of any available window space. Don’t cover it up with shutters; if privacy is necessary, frosted glass is a great option.

These tips can make your cloakroom feel far more open and inviting, so now’s the time to start your remodel!

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