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Make Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

Everyone deserves to have at least one room in the house where they can totally relax, free of worries, concerns, and distractions. This is increasingly becoming the job of the bathroom, a place where people can wind down after a long day while gently immersing themselves in a warm bath.

To make that sanctuary feel even more secluded and calming, just take advantage of these tips.

Do More With Less

If there’s one thing a sanctuary doesn’t need, it’s clutter. Get rid of those sample shampoos and almost-empty body wash bottles. You need the environment to be free of distractions, with every object there for a reason.
If you’re lucky enough to be renovating the whole bathroom, take this philosophy further by embracing a minimalistic design style.

Tone it Down

Relaxation should start the second you walk into the room. Your own special place needs to feel both calming and welcoming, so try to use natural pastel colours, especially if the room itself is on the smaller side.
These colours will make the room feel airy and expansive, creating an environment in which all your cares and stresses seem to float away.

Get the Right Light

Ever notice that spas and massage parlours tend to use very soft lighting? This helps create a tranquil setting, and you can produce the same effect in your own home by using a dimmer switch.
Dimmable lighting means that you can soften the atmosphere when you’re in need of a long, cleansing soak, and then effortlessly switch to clean, white light when you need to use the mirror or tidy up. It’s the best of both worlds, but won’t cost the Earth.

Scents of Relaxation

Your sense of smell is just as important when it comes to unwinding. This is the reason that so many massage oils are scented, and why monks and mystics have used incense for centuries to help them find inner peace.
That sense of serenity can be yours, too. Light some aromatic candles to create a peaceful glow, and fill the room with a deep, absorbing scent to send you into your own personal nirvana.

A luxurious sense of seclusion and restfulness will be yours whenever you step into your reimagined bathroom. Make these quick changes today, then unwind tomorrow.


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