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Create A Blissful Bathroom

Do you dream of being able to bliss out in your bathroom? Lots of us do. Rather than forking out money for expensive treatments at pricey spas, we want to get that sense of wellbeing without leaving our homes. Buck the trend of installing a costly hot tub in your back garden and bring a little bit of spa style into your bathroom instead. Here are a few ideas for how to do it:

- Lower the bath: Sinking your tub into a recess in the floor so you step down into it gives any bathroom instant spa appeal. 

- Invest in a good showerhead: Standing under a rainforest-style shower of water is one of life's pleasures. There are a range of showerheads that extend from the wall or ceiling that look stylish and feel luxurious.

- Choose a classy sink: Wash basins come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Think sleek lines or a vessel basin that is mounted on a countertop for a high-end minimal look. 

- Choose the right toilet: A stylish toilet has long been considered a bit of an oxymoron, but you will be suprised by how good wall-hung toilets can actually look. The last thing you want in your spa-like haven is an eyesore of a loo to be the focal point. 

- Totally tiled: Bathrooms are generally the smallest room in a house, so you need to optimise the space. Using light coloured tiles to cover the floor and the walls not only creates blissful continuity and harmony, it also makes the room look bigger. 

- Add wood: Wooden slates instantly give your bathroom a relaxing Asian or steamy Scandinavian sauna vibe. 

- Good storage: If you are going to pamper yourself in the bathroom you need a good stock of products. Keep these hidden away inside a wall cabinet or freestanding unit. 

- Don't forget the extras: We're talking fluffy white robes, a headrest for long soaks in the bath, flowers or plants and plenty of candles.


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