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How To Create The Perfect Family Bathroom

A bathroom that caters for the whole family – it’s something that many of us dream of, but it’s not always something we feel we can achieve. To work for all ages, both young and old, there are a number of things all bathrooms need. One is space – but that might not be possible. Another more attainable factor is storage. A bath always helps – as do wipe-clean surfaces that can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Here’s a guide to help you create a bathroom that will keep the whole family happy:

Make the most of your space

More than likely, your bathroom is the smallest room in your house, so when it comes to storage you need to be cunning. Rather than installing a basin with pedestal, opt for a large cupboard or vanity unit with a basin sitting on top as this gives you somewhere to hide all those bottles. It is a good idea to paint the cupboard doors the same colour as the rest of the room or a neutral colour so they blend in.

Get tiling

Kids enjoy a good splash about in the bath and at the basin. You could consider tiling the entire wall – or the whole room – to make it waterproof. As well as providing easy-to-maintain surfaces, it can also help you stamp your family’s identity on the room.

Invest in a stool

Children like to be doing things, imitating what other family members are doing, if they can’t reach the basin or toilet they will get frustrated. Having a step or a stool is helpful so that everyone can be on the right level and children can learn to do things for themselves.

Economical flushing

If you have a large family or younger children, it might be worth investing in an eco-flush toilet, most toilets do tend to have a dual flush cistern which has the option of a short or a longer flush with flush capacities varying between brands. These toilets can help you save both water and money.

Taps for little fingers

Taps need to be easily accessible for youngsters. They should be easy to turn on and turn off and robust enough to have plenty of use too. For safety reasons mixer taps are highly advisable rather than having a pair of taps which could potentially scald a child.

In all, you want your bathroom to be safe and user friendly for all the family.


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