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Fitting A Basin Monobloc Mixer Tap

The basin monobloc mixer tap has overtaken the pair of taps in popularity and has become ubiquitous in the modern home.

Although there are some similar steps involved in fitting them when compared to a pair of taps there are also many differences due to the mixer cartridge found inside the tap.

Most of the mixer taps today come with flexible tails, as do all of our own Soakology branded taps – these make installation considerably easier as often pipes don’t need to be moved when connecting the mixer into the hot and cold supply.

Below we have included two extremely useful guides which give you advice and tells you what tools you will need to help you fit a basin monobloc mixer tap. 

One of the guides is a written step by step guide, here:

The second is a video (below) so you can follow the same instruction visually to help fit your new basin monobloc mixer tap.



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