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A collection of stylish taps from Soakology. This includes both traditional and contemporary designs from Vado, Britton, Imperial and Burlington. We have a huge range of brassware for the bathroom at unbeatable prices. All designs are made from top quality materials and we are proud to have cheap brassware to suit bathrooms across the UK...

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Brassware is one of the most important choices you will make for your bathroom. Not just in terms of the style and price but also important is the ease of fit, the materials used in construction and the warranty. Many people who purchase brassware from us explain that they choose these items before chosing any other single element of the suite. We offer an enormous range at Soakology to suit modern or traditional tastes and some feature products to give your bathroom the wow factor and we are the experts for the UK so why not try one of our inexpensive designer ranges for yourself.


When choosing a bathroom mixer from anywhere you will need to take into account the type of plumbing system in your household. Where there is a cold water tank in the loft feeding a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard the system is considered low pressure. A combination boiler or a 1.5 bar pumped system is considered a medium pressure where a pressurised cylinder where there is a good water mains pressure or a 3 bar pumped system would be considered high pressure. Most modern faucets operate on ceramic cartridge technology which does require a little more pressure than some of the old washer type appliances. So if you have a low pressure system and have been used to a pair of taps in the past just be aware that the flow of water from a modern mixer will appear less. It is only on the lowest pressure systems that this will be very noticable and even then most likely only obvious when filling the bath. 


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