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Why Should You Include an Electric Shower When Re-modelling Your Bathroom?

Why Should You Include an Electric Shower When Remodelling Your Bathroom?

Electric showers are a perfect choice for anyone who is remodelling their bathroom. Increasingly popular for a number of reasons, you’ll never regret installing one. 

Price and Pay-off

Electric showers have become increasingly affordable over the last few years, making them a perfect choice when you’re remodelling. Options start at just over £100 – that’s very low cost for an entire fixture, and you’ll be able to shop around since there are so many available.

This means more than getting a whole heap of benefits for a low charge. Electric showers are incredibly desirable for prospective homeowners, and having one can easily add value to a property. Given the low cost, they can end up paying for themselves. 

Hot When You Want it 

We’ve come a long way from heating water above the fire, but even modern boilers can only provide a certain amount of hot water. This often leads to the despised cold shower, a particular problem for larger families or those who share accommodation with many people. 

Instead of having to take shorter showers to avoid using up all the warmth, those with an electric shower can take all the time they want. Water is heated within the control box meaning that it’s hot straight away – and never turns chilly. 

Energy Efficient

The problem with most traditional boilers is that they need to heat a whole tank of water which will then gradually cool and need to be reheated. This clearly isn’t going to help save energy. 

Fortunately, an electric shower can help out. The water is heated as you need it, not for when you might need it. This creates a substantial drop in energy consumption. You’ll help the environment and pay less on your bills – looks like an electric shower can pay for itself in more ways than one. 

High Pressure 

Some homes suffer from low water pressure, which makes showering problematic. Since electric showers work directly from the mains cold water supply, there’s no need to keep worrying about that problem. Offering a better wash which consumes less energy, electric showers are perfect to improve your bathroom, and even provide it with additional value.