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Why Not Take Advantage of a Backlit Mirror?

No bathroom would be complete without a mirror. The guys need one to get a close shave, the girls need one to apply their makeup, and we all need one to admire ourselves in morning. That being so, it makes sense to make the upgrade from a traditional mirror to a backlit model. These fantastic new devices come with so many benefits, and are surprisingly affordable, so there’s really no reason not to make the switch.

Extra Illumination
Of course, the biggest plus point that comes with a backlit mirror is the added illumination it provides! Bathrooms tend to be well-lit, but you’ll be amazing how much clearer everything becomes when light is being beamed straight against your face.
We recommend picking up an LED model. LED lighting is perfect for bathroom fixtures, because the bulbs last such a long time before needing to be replaced. You could be using the same one for decades! Add their clean, white light to that legendary longevity, and you’ve got a perfect light source to use when you’re getting ready.  

No More Mist
Hot, steamy showers are a lovely way to wake yourself up in the morning, or relax when you get in from work, but they come with a notorious downside: once you get out, you find that everything is covered in condensation and fog.
This means you’ll have to wait for the room to clear, grab some tissue to wipe down the mirror, or open a window to release the hot air. Unless, of course, you have a backlit mirror with an integrated demister. Available on most models, this handy feature keeps fog from building up across the mirror’s surface, leaving it crystal clear when you come to use it.

Easy to Install
Ok, so backlit mirrors come with a huge range of benefits, but aren’t they going to be tricky to install? Many people think that, but it just isn’t true. In fact, as well as being easy to put in your bathroom, backlit mirrors actually tend to be a little less bulky than other options, since they’re made to such a high standard.

With models available in all types of shapes and sizes, it’s easy to find one that will fit perfectly into your bathroom.

Backlit mirrors are luxury bathroom products which are available for everyone to take advantage of. Order one today, and look back at a clearer you tomorrow.