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Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

At last it is beginning to feel like autumn has arrived and the long, balmy days of summer are finally behind us. With a drop in temperature outside there is the need to stay cosy when we are inside. Getting out of bed is hard enough when the mornings are dark; the last thing you want is a cold bathroom. One way of making your bathroom even more inviting is to install underfloor heating.

The benefits

A treat for your feet, great for small spaces and energy efficient, underfloor heating is hard to beat. It means you avoid the need for radiators which might ruin the clean lines of a room and take up valuable wall space. Underfloor heating gives out a more pleasant heat than radiators and offers an efficient way to warm your bathroom, with very little wastage.

The choices

Electric (or wire) underfloor heating systems are the most popular and are used in existing rooms both upstairs and down, whilst hot water (or wet) systems are often used in new ground floor extensions.


Once it has been fitted, an underfloor heating system is generally mainenance-free. Make sure your bathroom is adequately insulated to avoid heat being lost. You want the heat to move upwards so make sure there is sufficient insulation beneath the system. An electric underfloor heating system is the simplest to install. 


Underfloor heating is perfect to use beneath a tiled floor as it can feel cold under-foot. Thicker tiles will mean the heat takes longer to reach the required temperature, but the heat quality is the same regardless of the thickness of the tile. Not all timber, laminate or vinyl flooring is compatible with underfloor heating so you should always seek the advice of a professional.