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Which shower suits you?

Recent surveys have shown that most people have a daily shower, with the vast majority of men and women (approximately 75% and 71% respectively) taking a shower lasting less than ten minutes on average. Personal preferences also vary widely when it comes to showering, with men typically favouring fixed shower heads and women preferring flexible shower handsets and body jets to easily achieve an all over clean. With so many different showers on the market we look at what differentiates them and which one is best for you.

Wall mounted shower head

This type of head is one of the most conservative designs when it comes to space making it a good choice for smaller shower enclosures. With just the head attached to a shower arm and a concealed valve, little of the shower is actually visible with most hidden in the wall. Wall mounted shower heads are fixed in their position meaning that they cannot be detached from the wall to use as a hand held shower.

A good choice for smaller shower cubicles and those who shower for convenience.

Ceiling mounted shower head

These shower heads attach directly to the ceiling creating an overhead flow of water ideal for rooms with low ceilings where it is not always possible to have a wall mounted shower head high enough for people to comfortably use. These come in various styles with some flush to the ceiling whilst others are attached to a short arm. Again these heads are permanently fixed (or at least we hope so!) so they only offer the flow of water straight downwards on to your head and shoulders.

Particularly suited to bathrooms with low ceilings and smaller enclosures.

Sliding rail shower kit

These shower heads offer a more flexible approach to showering than the previous two designs as although they have rails attached to the wall the heads can be used as handsets to direct the flow of water as required. Another key advantage of this design is that when the shower head is attached to the arm its height can be adjusted to suit the desired height of the users. These showers are a convenient way of bathing children and pets with their conveniently long hose.


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