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What are the Best Shower Cubicle Fittings?

shower cublicle

With an extensive list of fittings and requirements that each bathroom has to have, remodelling it can be a bit of a nightmare as you try to work out where everything is going to go. The shower, bath, toilet and sink all have to be accounted for and measured, not forgetting the crucial element of storage. This process is made even more difficult if you’re working with a particularly limited amount of floor space. Multi-purpose or specially adapted fittings are an attractive solution in this scenario and the shower is one fitting that is especially adaptable to bathrooms that are a little short on floor space.

What shower cubicle is best?

The first thing to determine when you’re upgrading your bathroom is what shower cubicle is best for the space you have. In bathrooms that are particularly small a bath is likely to be out of the question, with a shower being the most logical use of the available area. A shower doesn’t have to be large to provide a relaxing and luxurious bathing experience, but getting the right one for your space can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

corner shower cubilce

Corner shower

A corner shower is a commonly seen style, fitted into a corner against two walls, with a rectangular bottom tray and two glass sides. This style suits many homes and is easy to install.

Alcove shower

This utilises a pre-existing alcove by building the shower around it. This style of shower is perfect for small bathrooms as it makes the most of all the available space.

Walk-in or walk-through shower

walk through shower cubicle

This type of shower fitting is very fashionable, attractive and presents minimum cleaning problems. By fitting one piece of glass either adjacent or opposite to a wall you present a wet room like shower. Of course, you need to make sure your bathroom is sufficiently waterproof for this fitting.

Quadrant enclosures

These types of showers are also very popular, using a corner of the room as two of the three walls of the shower. The ‘door’ side of the enclosure is rounded glass. Another version of this is the offset quadrant, with one wall side longer than the other. This is a great solution for a bathroom with varying dimensions.

Pentagra enclosure

Pentagra shower enclosures have, you guessed it, five sides three of which are glass and they fit into the corner of the bathroom much like a quadrant enclosure. Like the quadrant enclosure, the pentagra can also be offset with one of the tiled walls longer than the other. A door for your shower cubicle Once you’ve decided on the type of shower cubicle fitting most suitable for your bathroom size and aesthetic you can decide on the best door, or lack thereof, for the space you have.

shower cubicle with hinged door


The typical style of door, this swings out into the room and can only be fitted in those bathrooms that have the space to accommodate a door moving around fully opening and closing.


These doors collapse in on one another, concertina style. They’re particularly handy in miniature bathrooms though the groups of hinges can disrupt the aesthetic of some bathrooms.

shower cubicle with sliding door


Sliding doors are a sensible answer to a room limited in space. These doors simply slide open and shut, meaning they don’t overlap into the room and you don’t have to accommodate extra room space for them in your plans.

No Doors

No doors at all is a good option if you have a shower that’s either tucked away in an alcove, has a glass splash panel, or is in a perfectly water-proof room. It’s also a very modern look and will make the room seem airier and bigger than it is.

Shower cubicle storage

When you’re limited on space, clever storage options are the key to preventing your bathroom from feeling cramped. There are a multitude of ways that you can create effective storage in the bathroom, and storage within your shower cubicle is a clever way to ensure your various bottles and lotions don’t overpower the space when you’re trying to get clean. A common feature in many homes is a shower caddy but if your shower space really is limited then accounting for this in the renovation process will save you many a headache in the long run.

shower cubicle with bench

A small recess built into the shower wall with either one or two shelves will present ample storage for your showering needs and will save on space within the shower area. Make sure you introduce a gradual slope to the shelves in the recess to allow water to shed easily. Having a small stool can also act as storage space as well as an added bit of comfort.


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