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Wall hung ceramics

The last decade has seen a rapidly increasing trend of wall hung sanitary ware with hidden plumbing in British bathrooms. Wall hung toilets and basins give the illusion of space as there is more visible flooring, because of this they are more hygienic as the floor can be easily cleaned.

With the new product ranges available this approach of using hidden plumbing and wall hung fittings is far more pleasing to the eye than traditional floor standing suites with unsightly exposed pipework.

Using this approach can give bathrooms that sought after ‘designer magazine’ look, however caution is needed as the work must be carried out in an intelligent and well planned way. Hiding any plumbing in wall and shelf cavities has long been a concern for installers as access to pipework in the event of a problem is foremost on their mind. Thankfully with clever product developments like multifunctional flush plates, one piece cisterns and tiled access hatches these fears are less of an issue than they were previously.

Swiss manufacturer Geberit have some excellent products available.


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