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Top tips to instantly brighten up your bathroom

Here are some of the many ways you can brighten up your bathroom without splashing out on a new one. Bathroom suites typically have a longer life than the accessories that are bought to accompany it, which is why it is often unnecessary to purchase a new bathroom suite if it is just the accessories or decorating that could do with updating.

Give it a scrub

Often when a bathroom is looking tired and drab all it really needs is a good clean to remove any mould from tiles and grouting or limescale from taps. Providing your bathroom has seen cleaning products before this should not take too long and is relatively easy to do, it just requires a bit of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Add some colour

Any colour that can be added to an otherwise plain and neutral bathroom will bring some much needed life. Simple additions such as a bold block colour bath mat or striped towels would work well and doesn’t involve much expenditure. A patterned shower curtain is a nice way to add some colour and imagery to an otherwise plain bathroom necessity. Other ideas would include painting some or all of the walls with a brighter colour to add a focal point.

Tidy up

The minimalist approach works well when it comes to bathroom products and accessories. Having lots of toiletries and cleaning products on display makes a room look cluttered and untidy- even if they are ordered in your own way- alphabetically by purpose! Wall hung cabinets or vanity units offer much needed storage for this without taking up a great deal of space within the room, you can choose a cabinet that complements the style and size of your room. Items that are infrequently used create areas where mould can quickly build up unless regularly cleaned, but lets face it, if you don’t even use that hairspray any more would you think to clean underneath it?

Mirror, mirror

Adding a mirror to a room can make it look instantly bigger and any light will be reflected giving it a lighter feel. Some mirrors have built in LED lights which are economical and practical, others also have digital clocks and radios to add a modern and fun approach to your bathroom.


The fragrance can determine the ambiance of the entire room, scented candles and potpourri help eliminate odours and create a calming energy but it is important not to leave candles unattended when they are lit. To ensure your bathroom stays fresh try a timed air freshener which releases scented bursts at regular intervals throughout the day so you are always greeted by a welcome smell as opposed to anything else.


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