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Toilet Themed Restaurant

We are not so sure that this restaurant will appeal to the masses in the UK but it is certainly causing a stir in China, following similar chains opening across Japan and Korea according to an article in the Daily Mail Online (09/09/13). This unusual toilet themed restaurant invites diners to be seated on toilets complete with push flush whilst consuming their themed meals from miniature bidets, basins and potties. The restaurant is full of character with showers and toilet roll holders fixed to the walls as decoration, along with cushions shaped like poo on each customer’s chair.

This style of restaurant is certainly unlike any found in the UK making it a great tourist attraction as well as popular amongst the locals. An interesting thought to consider is that many other food outlets in China don’t even have toilets for their customers, instead visitors must use nearby public facilities.

When you are planning your next trip consider booking a romantic table for two at this restaurant, we are sure it will go down a treat!


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