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Tips on Spring Cleaning your Bathroom

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get those marigolds on and give your bathroom a good clean. Here are some spring cleaning tips that you might find useful.

Remove what you can

The best way to approach a spring clean is by first removing all that you can from the bathroom. This will make it easier to give the room a good clean, allowing you to reach areas that are normally obstructed by furniture and toiletries. Also, when moving everything back into the bathroom, you will be less likely to fill the space up with unnecessary clutter, it is a good chance to get rid of some of those products that have expired or you never use, despite their catchy taglines! Doing this will create space for you to fill the storage back up with new bathroom products.

If you can, take down any blinds or shower curtains, as this will allow you to clean them more thoroughly. The majority of shower curtains can be warm washed in a machine, but you should check the label first. If you find a lot of limescale on the curtains add one cup of vinegar to the wash and to treat areas of mould use some neat bleach.

Touch it up

When everything is removed from the bathroom, it is the perfect time to look at areas in need of a little touch-up. This might include a new lick of paint, the replacement of a tile, or cleaning of grout, for instance.

Swap the mop

Try swapping your traditional mop with antibacterial floor wipes. This will allow you to get closer to the grime, and will leave your bathroom smelling and feeling fresh for spring. Using a pack of wipes will clean surfaces better than mops, as by using mops you are in effect cleaning floors with dirty water, which leaves them still dirty and often smeary. The wipes can be used to clean sinks, floors, walls and fixtures, too.

Store sensibly

Invest in some practical storage solutions. Wicker baskets are great for storing shower products, while plastic boxes are good for make-up or products that could leak. Choosing storage that fits with the theme of your bathroom will also give the room instant character.


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