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The Secrets of Great Bathroom Design

When faced with any redesign project in your home, you will want to draw on the room's best features. Bathroom design can often be a challenge to get right – especially when space is at a premium. Here are some key points to help make your bathroom feel awash with style.

Colour coding

Never underestimate the impact of a white colour scheme in your bathroom. Sleek, white bathroom fixtures, tiles, walls and blinds suggest a timeless luxury and give a boutique feel. If you want to add a quick, cost-effective dash of colour add some vibrant towels and accessories.

Tell a story

It's one thing for a bathroom to look stylish, but another for it to feel stylish, too. You want a room that has its own personality as well as the wow factor. Using recycled and salvaged materials can help add that extra element without the hefty price tag as well as creating some intrigue.
Create an accent wall

Once 'all the rage' when home improvement shows were at their peak, an accent wall doesn't have to be gaudy. One wall clad entirely in tiles, wallpaper or coloured paint can look luxurious, dramatic and is a cost-effective way of making a statement.

Embrace the eclectic

There's absolutely no need to have everything perfectly co-ordinated in a bathroom - mismatched doesn't have to look like a mistake. Bringing together an eclectic mix of fixtures and furnishings can create the sense of a unique, well-thought out design.


In a typical bathroom, less is almost always more. Keep things as simple and uncluttered as possible to help your room reach its most stylish potential. As well as keeping it functional and user-friendly.