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The question is… business or pleasure?

Forget all the bathroom gadgets that enable you to check your emails and play online games in the comfort of your own bath. In a recent survey from Mira Showers it turns out that this isn’t how most people choose to spend their time in the bathroom, contrary to popular belief. With everyday life so hectic for most of us it is no wonder that we savour every peaceful moment alone we get, however it comes!

For the younger generation the bathroom is not just an essential room in the house it is where they go when they want to relax, compared with the majority of over 65s who use the bathroom solely as required on a daily basis. This won’t seem so staggering when you think about the different lifestyles associated with these generations. On the whole the younger generation has frequent access to a wider range of technology compared with a vast majority of the older generation who may not own a mobile device or computer. Where youngsters will escape from the cyber world in the bathroom as it is the only room with limited access, the suggestion is that those with less technology in their life will find tranquility in other rooms more so than the bathroom. What’s more is that the ideology of relaxation has differentiated over time, where previously reading a book or going for a stroll helped you to unwind, trawling social media sites or taking a bath may be the modern day equivalents.

However and for whatever reason you use your bathroom it is important that it is functional and pleasant for everyone which is why there are so many different bathroom suites and accessories available on the market today.


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