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The Most Haunted Toilets Around the World

Soakology Haunted Bathroom - Bath

Toilets are the perfect setting for those ‘jump out of your skin’ moments in horror films. The solitude and silence we often experience in bathrooms means that they are the perfect place to feel spooked. It’s not surprising that people sense paranormal activity in the loo of all places. We looked at some of the most haunted toilets around the world and their stories.

Frodsham Street Public Toilets, Chester, England

Chester’s rich history and ancient walls and buildings mean it’s bound to host some ghouls. There is a famous ghost that frequents these male toilets. He is said to have taken his life near to the spot where they sit. The man, who has been nicknamed by locals as ‘Tom’, is said to wear clothing from the 1950s/60s and he suddenly appears in the corner of the room.

He is described by local newspaper, the Chester Chronicle, as one of the city's ‘most disturbing ghosts’ as he holds a razor blade to his wrists, letting his wounds bleed profusely. And he wasn’t deterred when the city refurbished the loos in 2011; the sightings got worse! So, if you need to relieve yourself in Chester, maybe find an alternative fellas.

Bordanagar Government Primary School, Pabna, Bangladesh

Sad and spooky, this toilet could have been the cause of a child’s death. In 2015, a student of the school used the toilet, became extremely ill and died the next day. Following her death, a further 10 children who used the toilet became ill. The school was then closed.

So, what does this have to do with ghosts? According to an urban legend in the area, locals recalled that an evil spirit once possessed a palm tree nearby. They believed the spirit had occupied the toilet and was causing the sickness. Believe it or not, since the residents organised a ritual to rid the spirit no further incidents have happened.

Soakology Haunted Bathrooms Article - Toilet view

Theatre Royal, Margate, England

This theatre is said to be one of the most haunted in Southern England. There have been many sightings of different ghosts within the building which burned down in 1829 and was rebuilt in 1879. Among them are Sarah Thorne, the actor-manager of the theatre who was first spotted in 1918 and a man who jumped to his death from one of the boxes.

However, we’re most interested in the little girl ghost who reportedly causes chaos in the toilets. She has been said to open and shut cubicle doors, unwind toilet rolls and spread hand soap across the floor. Watch your step if you visit here!

The Five Fishermen Restaurant, Halifax, Canada

This fancy eatery was once used as a funeral home and held as many as 2000 bodies. The home was synonymous with the Titanic tragedy and a 1917 cargo ship explosion. So, it’s no surprise that the building may have held on to some of its past occupants.

It’s the ladies’ toilets that have the pleasure of hosting the ghosts here. Diners reported an angry male ghost and the ghost of a scared little girl. It is believed that she does not realise she is dead. Advice from the restaurant? ‘The next time you’re at the Five Fishermen Restaurant enjoying a wonderful evening of dining and you hear a crash, have no fear – no one will blame you’.

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York Arms Pub, York, England

You may have heard of the famous ‘Grey Lady’ that appears around York. That’s because there are so many of them. The city has a reputation for being the most haunted in the UK, and has plenty of spooky pubs and alleys to back up the claim. And there are just as many ghost walks which will tell you the stories of these spectres.

This particular ghost is said to be a nun and often appears in the gents’ bathroom at the York Arms Pub. She has been spotted in other pubs around the city, but this appears to be her favourite haunt.


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