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The importance of the family bathroom

How important is having a bath in your home? The family bathroom may soon be a thing of the past, instead replaced by a showering or wet room. A recent survey by Homebase published on the Daily Mail website reveals that the younger generation are the ones at the forefront of this trend which sees a shift towards showering rather than taking a bath.

There are many advantages associated with showering as they are proven to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than having a bath (provided you don’t stay in the shower for excessive lengths of time!) Showers are designed to be quick as the dirt is being continuously washed off of your body, unlike bathing which leaves you sat in the dirty water the whole time raising the question as to whether you will be any cleaner when you emerge from the bath than when you entered.

In this survey over a quarter of the British population said they no longer bathe, primarily this statistic comprises the younger generation, but is fairly evenly spread amongst both men and women.

Perhaps your next bathroom won’t even include a bathtub as wet rooms and shower enclosures become an increasingly popular choice.


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