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Stunning showers from Merlyn

With Merlyn’s extensive ranges of shower enclosures we are sure there is one for every bathroom no matter what size. If your bathroom does lack space you should explore the options of showers with sliding or in fold doors which don’t protrude into the bathroom. Otherwise if you can have a shower in a corner of the room then a quadrant is a good space saving choice. The offset quadrants can sit neatly in the corner of the room leaving plenty of space, if you have it.

These shower enclosures never look out of place and complement lots of different styles and decor. You may also want to choose a coloured glass to match the rest of the room’s theme.

There has traditionally been a stigma that shower enclosures are small and cramped leaving little room to move about in. Although some showers are on the conservative side to fit in small spaces, they need not all be and the majority of them are very spacious and luxurious.


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