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Small spaces

With British bathrooms being among the smallest in Europe, utilising space in the bathroom is one of the foundations of good British design. With the bathroom industry expanding every day you are sure to find a range that suits your bathroom’s style and size.

There are many modern tricks to make the bathroom look bigger for example large format tiles, sizeable mirrors and bright lighting will all help. Having sufficient storage space to conceal the ‘bits and bobs’ often left all over the surfaces will also be advantageous.

There are space saving cabinets that can be partially recessed into the wall to make use of the otherwise wasted wall cavity. Wall hung basins, toilets and units leave the floor free from clutter and allow pipes to be hidden inside the walls and floor. The more flooring you have visible the bigger the bathroom appears.

If you thought the space under the stairs was too small for a cloakroom you might consider the new environmentally friendly all in one toilet and basin that not only saves space but also water as it uses the grey water from washing your hands to fill the cistern for the next flush! This is a fantastic idea for homes where space is limited as well as a step towards saving the planet.

These items are fabulous for making the room look more spacious and they are also perceived to be very desirable for the resale value of the property.


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