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Recreate the traditional bathroom in your home

With more and more families making the move towards modern furnishings in their bathroom, ever wondered what was wrong with the traditional bathroom suite, well as far as we are concerned nothing is. As the old saying goes, why fix what isn’t broken? This also applies to bathrooms, the traditional bathroom suite is typically bigger than modern suites making it in some ways more luxurious. The ethos of bathrooms is changing, their size is decreasing and they have adopted the aim of accommodating as much as possible in a smaller area. This said it is no wonder that the furniture itself is being compromised, with compact pans and modestly sized baths there is less space to relax and make yourself comfortable.

Modern baths struggle to compete with the traditional free standing roll top baths that date prior to the Edwardian and Victorian periods, as far back as the Georgian era. One advantage of the roll top bath is the added neck support which comes from the higher sloping ends of the bath making bathing more appealing. Similarly, the high level cisterns have a flush that frequently outperforms its modern day rivals.

If you do have the space in your bathroom and don’t want to fill it with a range of furniture then take a look at the traditional items that are available, Burlington is just one of the manufacturers that boasts a fantastic range. It is good to be different and set the trend rather than follow it. It is only a matter of time though, as like with most things, there are cycles where previous trends make a come back, so you got to act quick on this one!


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