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Our exciting new range of Reina radiators

Exciting news for Soakology as we have just introduced a new range of radiators on our website. With Reina’s innovatively designed radiators there is something for every taste and one to suit even the most stylish of bathrooms. Think about the traditional styles of radiators, then think outside of the box, I bet you are still not thinking of anything close to Reina’s designs!

However you want to heat your bathroom do it in a way with optimal functionality,  whether this is in the form of extra storage for linen, more hanging space, or just an elegant design. Reina’s Caldo radiator offers a handy shelf for storing towels, it even heats them up so you don’t have to wrap yourself in a damp towel after bathing and it is always right there when you reach for it.

Whilst the ever so stylish Giada radiator offers tiered hanging space for towels or face cloths and would look fantastic next to the bath in any contemporary bathroom, it is more of an art feature than a radiator!

The Elvina radiator is another great space saving idea which can be attached out of the way high on the wall, perfect for small bathrooms. There is then sufficient drop to hang large towels as well as storing folded linen on its shelf.

When comparing radiators it is worth mentioning that many of Reina’s ranges feature aluminium radiators which are now considered to be more eco- friendly. Some of the benefits of choosing aluminium include higher efficiency for maximum heat in less time than other radiators. Don’t forget the lower fuel costs which is certainly a bonus in today’s economic climate.

Reina also specialise in dual fuel radiators which can be heated using both the central heating system and a thermostatic or standard electric heating element. Please note that these two can not be used simultaneously. The benefit of this system is that it offers greater flexibility. When there is no need for the central heating to be on for instance during the summer, you can simply turn on just the bathroom radiator to ensure warm towels all year round.

It is important to read the manual thoroughly as there is a standard procedure that must be followed when switching between heat sources.


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