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Managing space in a small bathroom

Small bathrooms need more specific designing and attention to detail as they can often appear cluttered and leave you feeling claustrophobic. The minimalist approach usually works best and you can still have a stylish suite as there are plenty of traditional and contemporary ranges available. This not only applies to the furniture as the fixtures and fittings should be in keeping with the theme- wall mounted furniture and taps look sophisticated and tidy.


Sufficient storage is essential for a small bathroom to avoid untidy surfaces. Wall hung cabinets and vanity units are a good choice, they can make the room feel more spacious with the increase in visible flooring. Although this does mean more floor to keep clean! Mirrored cabinets combine storage with the bathroom mirror, these are often available in illuminated designs and some feature contemporary glass shelving alongside the mirror for easy reach of those frequently used items.


Choosing a light colour scheme instead of dark or deep colours can prevent the walls from feeling too over-powering, instead opt for a feature wall or hang a colourful piece of artwork to add some colour to the room. It is a good idea not to choose an expensive picture as there is always a risk of water damage. Roca has some contemporary cabinets with vibrant coloured exteriors as well as interiors to add a quirky splash of colour and style to your room.


Windows allowing lots of natural daylight can enlarge a room and are an environmentally friendly way of lighting your room. Having windows in your bathroom offers a multitude of benefits including much needed light and ventilation. Window sills can act as another shelf, placing a potted plant such as an orchid there is a great way of adding some natural beauty to the room- they thrive on water vapour commonly found in the atmosphere making them ideal for bathrooms. Illuminated mirrors are an innovative and discrete way of adding some much needed lighting to your bathroom especially for those darker mornings. LED bulbs provide energy efficient lighting and are suitable for use in bathrooms where there is a risk of water contact thanks to their IP rating. It is worth double checking though before purchasing an illuminated mirror that the IP rating is suitable for where you want it located in your bathroom as these do vary with their resistance to water.


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