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Is the bathroom replacing the high street?

The bathroom and in particular in the bath or shower is where most people find their creative side comes to play when your body is most relaxed in this type of environment. You will often find that your ideas are more likely be more creative and forthcoming. It has been commonplace for people to read whilst in the bathroom, either a book or magazine depending how long you are in there. However, of late the bathroom trend seems to be moving towards the modern day alternative to reading which comes in the form of tablets and mobile devices. These mobile devices are used for messaging, social media, gaming and even shopping.

It’s probably not the best place to arrange to meet your friends for a girly shopping day but with shopping becoming a chore for most people in their busy lives, the high street retailer continues its battle to compete with online retailers. Is the bathroom the hot spot for carrying out your online purchases? A recent survey carried out by Bella Bathrooms has identified that 38% of those questioned use their tablets to make online purchases in the bathroom, with a third of these doing this whilst relaxing in the bath.

Is the bath the best place to carry out your shopping? Perhaps this relaxed atmosphere also influences your purchasing decisions…


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