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How to revamp your bathroom

Whether you are planning to stay in your home for many years to come or are thinking of moving soon, it always makes sense to give your bathroom some TLC. A little bit of effort can give great results and it will add value if you do choose to put it on the market, but you must be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Give it a good, honest clean

You’ll be amazed how much better your bathroom can look once you’ve given it a really thorough clean. Get into all those hard-to-reach places and keep cleaning until everything sparkles (or at least looks cleaner than it did before). It will instantly brighten up the room and improve the whole feel of the room.

Get rid of mould

There are plenty of products available that will take the hard work out of removing mould from your bathroom. If your grouting still looks mouldy, there are a number of grout-reviving products that will give it a new lease of life. Once you are done, make sure you leave the windows and bathroom door open after showering and bathing as this will reduce the chance of mould returning.


Painting your bathroom walls can prove to be a relatively quick job. A lick of paint will also give the room a fresh, new look (always use paint that is suitable for bathrooms, though). When it comes to tiles, you might want to consider using a specialist tile paint. This avoids the need to re-tile and is a lot easier and cheaper.

Make it a nice place to be

Adding a couple of plants to your bathroom will make the room feel really welcoming. Lots of plants will thrive in the warm, humid environment – and you don’t need loads to make a difference, it gives that quirky ’boutique hotel’ feel. A large, stylish mirror is another low-cost way of improving the space. Your bathroom will instantly look bigger and brighter with light being reflected.

Get advice

For bigger jobs that go beyond a bottle of disinfectant and a paint brush, you should speak to a professional. If you are on a budget they will be able to help you get more for your money and avoid costly mistakes. It’s always best to call in the experts for jobs involving plumbing or re-wiring – when making your decision ensure you get at least three quotes as well as references.


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