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Household trends affect suite sales

At the end of 2010 The Telegraph published an article suggesting that bidets will become extinct within a few years, rather than remaining the elite bathroom feature which represented superiority amongst peers. Thankfully this article was not a premonition and the bidet remains a luxury item in many bathroom suites worldwide. One of the reasons we have seen this decline in bidet sales is due to the decline in family bathrooms. With approximately one fifth of UK households consisting of four or more family members and houses now being built smaller to cope with demand in already built up cities, many households are opting to convert the traditional family bathroom into an additional bedroom with the provision of en-suite facilities. These trends signify a considerable change in household bathrooms, with not only fewer bidets being purchased but also fewer baths. Instead, a rise in shower enclosure sales has been identified to utilise even the smallest spaces.

For those of you that still have space in your home for the traditional bathroom and feel that a bidet would be a welcome addition to your suite, Roca is just one of the manufacturers that offers bidets in a range of different sizes and styles designed to complement the rest of your furniture.

Check out our youtube page for a helpful Roca video on bidet installation.


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