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Give Your Bathroom The 5-Star Treatment

If there’s one room in the house that lends itself perfectly to indulgence and elegance, it’s the bathroom. However, not all bathrooms feel that way when you walk into them. If you think your bathroom could benefit from a bit of 5-star treatment, then read on, we have a few tips that may give you some inspiration:

Luxurious bathing

A double-ended, roll-top bath adds a real feeling of glamour to any bathroom, but don’t think that with this style of bath you are restricting yourself to a traditional theme – it works just as well with a modern suite.

Double up

This is especially useful when you share a bathroom with a loved one. If you have the space, then fitting two basins or bathroom cabinets can add style to the room and avoids battles for the basin in the morning so there’s no excuse for being late to work!


If the idea of a pair of basins isn’t your style (or you just don’t have the space) the next best thing is minimalism. An ultra modern, sleek shower enclosure with clear glass screen, for example, can create a sense of space and class. Continue these clean, simple lines throughout the room and voila! You have a stylish-looking bathroom.

The details

Lighting should be subtle and strategically placed around the room. Done well, it will create the perfect mood and a relaxing atmosphere. Think symmetry in the layout of your bathroom to make it feel well balanced. Also, choosing stylish taps, tiles and complementary bathroom accessories that make the room look sophisticated.


It’s a tip that features in many bathroom design guides – invest in a mirror to give a sense of space and style. When you are talking about indulgence, the bigger the better – and if you want to go for full-on glamour, how about a mirror surrounded by eco-friendly LED lighting? It will have you feeling like a superstar first thing in the morning until last thing at night. What a luxurious way to start and end your day!


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