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Get the traditional look for your bathroom

Traditional bathrooms are still as popular as they ever were and they are not showing signs of losing their appeal. Traditional bathroom furniture is typically more detailed than contemporary designs with a decorative finish to create a stylish look. A traditional bathroom would not be complete without matching fixtures and fittings to complement the style, including taps and bath shower mixers.

New but old (new products, traditional style!)

It is worth noting that by choosing a traditional look you do not need to fill your bathroom with antique furniture and ornaments, it is sometimes better to opt for a modern day replica of an old design. For instance when it comes to toilets the modern day alternatives are more water efficient thanks to current legislations, with the use of short flushes and a longer flush if required. It would therefore be more beneficial to install one of these in your bathroom rather than an older model that uses twice as much water each time.

A roll top bath is another key feature of this look, it makes a stunning focal point for the room and offers a luxurious bathing solution. In general the ends of the tub are higher so there is also the added benefit of increased neck support for bathers.

Toilets with high and low level cisterns are another common feature of traditional bathrooms, the most famous being the Thomas Crapper toilets. Burlington and Imperial both offer timeless traditional ranges that comprise of the very best quality and style. All products comply with British and European standards and are made using the latest technology to constantly improve product designs and features.

Work with what you’ve got

It’s good to utilise and show off your bathroom’s assets. If you have quality wooden floorboards in the room try sanding and staining them to create that timeless classic look. Having wood flooring has numerous other benefits including ease of cleaning and maintenance. To complete the look of the room consider adding some traditional accessories such as a decorative mirror or cast iron radiator.


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